Coastal Conservation Oregon PAC

What is the CCO PAC?

CCO PAC’s mission is to support issues and candidates who share our passion to conserve and restore key marine and freshwater fish and wildlife populations, including Salmon & Steelhead runs, sturgeon, bottom fish, crab and other shellfish, while promoting policies to make Oregon a world class place for recreational fishing!

Why Should I Support CCO PAC?

Because government goes to those who show up! And contributing to CCO PAC is a way to make your voice heard and presence felt. Over 806,000 people participate in Oregon’s fishing and shellfish activities each year. If organized politically, recreational anglers could have an enormous influence in Salem, the seat of government laws, regulations and policies.
Until this CCO PAC was created, we’ve largely lacked the ability to influence campaigns and elections for legislative seats and state-wide political office. Recreational anglers care about the health of our fish and wildlife and tend to vote for candidates who share these values. Many worthy candidates and elected officials are champions for our issues, and the CCO PAC can provide political support to keep them in a position to champion our causes.
Special interests with very different agendas for our state’s resources have played the political game to their advantage for years. CCO PAC was created to help level the playing field and provide political support for needed policy changes.

How Can You Help!

Fortunately, there’s a way you can help that won’t cost you a dime in the end. As an Oregon taxpayer you have the unique opportunity to make a free contribution to the Coastal Conservation Oregon PAC. Through Oregon’s political tax credit, married couples (filing jointly) receive a dollar for dollar tax credit of up to $100 ($50 for singles). The PAC will mail you a thank you letter and contribution receipt for your tax records.

Do not confuse this with a tax deduction. This is better. The amount of your contribution to the CCO PAC comes straight off your tax bill, (up to the previously mentioned maximums). Simply put, there is no excuse for not donating to a PAC - it won’t cost you a dime - and you will be helping to improve our fisheries. The only hitch is that you can only take advantage of this opportunity once a year.

Here’s how it works: In 2012 example below, the Credit was on line 37 of Form 40. Simply enter the amount of your credit (up to $50 single/ $100 couple) and deduct this straight off your tax bill!

tax image